10 Romantic Ideas for a Date with a Russian Girl

Dates are supposed to run under all the same scenario and this gets really boring. Due to their unique nature, Russian girls are extremely romantic. To overwhelm one of those, you should use your wits and think out something really different. So in this article, we prepared the top 10 unconventional date ideas to impress your Russian girl!
1. Hit up a karaoke bar
Singing always brought people closer. Even if you’re not a skilled vocalist, don’t worry. It’s rather about the atmosphere. Russian girls have many talents as their parents encourage creativity development. So she will probably be amazed!
2. Attend a dancing class
As an alternative, you can take up some dancing together. In fact, nothing makes the mutual affection stronger as a side-by-side workout. Well, dancing is far more entertaining than just exercising in the gym, not to mention Russian girls typically love it very much.
3. Pack a picnic
That’s quite easy to prepare and have a lot of fun. Choose a picturesque spot in your living area, know what food and drinks your Russian mate prefers, and simply take her there. Spending time in nature, you’ll have many things do talk about.
4. Take up horseback riding
Another option for nature lovers. If your Russian lady loves animals, horseback riding will definitely work. Of course, you need to get some practice before riding outside the paddock. Better if at least one of you is already a rider.
5. Go to the beach
Spending a day by the water may bring your connection to the next level if you know how to make it right. For example, watching the sunset would be fantastic. If you don’t live by the sea, a lake or a river shore perfectly fits a romantic walk.
6. Cook a meal together

To set a wonderful date, you don’t even need to leave your home. Joint cooking also brings a lot of delight and fun. For those who are into culinary, this is a great opportunity to get to know each other better.
7. Visit an outdoor event
Many-sided Russian girls are active event goers. In the warm season of the year, there is an abundance of fests, street shows, and concerts. Or this can be an amusement park. Know your lady’s tastes and invite her to get some fresh air.
8. Go to a museum
How about combining romance with education? Russian girls are generally intellectual so they love visiting various exhibitions, art galleries, museums etc. Pick something that would be interesting for both of you.
9. Play trivia
Normally, trivia is played in groups; however, you can run it just in a pair. If she agrees, you can even have an overnight session. This game includes drinking which is essential for loosening up – just don’t take too much alcohol. Besides, trivia is a good option for a double date.
10. Go in for sports
We don’t mean professional training, yet you can spend a couple of hours on rollerblading, bike riding, or bowling. Physical activity makes us healthier; moreover, it changes our hormones so the connection between you and your partner gets stronger.