11 Tips to Impress Your Russian Girl on the First Date

For the last twenty five years Russian girls have been in the centre of attention of western men. It makes no surprise, taking into consideration how often western men complain about the lifestyle of western women. Deemed overly-emancipated western women ditch traditional gender role and often favours a successful career over building a healthy and strong family.

Russian women, on the other hand, respect men, accept traditional gender role and they are way more family oriented. That's why a lot of men linger to online services that offer dating Russian women. Starting online your Russian women dating sooner or later will transfer offline. That's why you need tips on how to impress a Russian girl on a first date, which we offer to check without a further ado.

How to Impress a Russian Girl

Learn Something About Russia

The best way to impress a Russian girl is to show your knowledge about her country. Russian girls are highly educated and it is hard to find a girl without bachelor or master degree. She may know something about your country that you don’t know, so better learn something about Russia, before even chatting with her online.

Sense of Humour

Impressing a Russian girl simply won’t work if you don’t have a sense of humour. There nothing that Russian girls hate more than guys without sense of humour. So, get ready to crack funny jokes. But your jokes should be witty, as tits-jokes from your high school years are unlikely to impress a Russian woman. You should also make a brief research on Russian sense of humour, because there might be a certain number of topics that are taboo for jokes.

Be Attentive

Both online and offline you should be attentive, as it is the key aspect to successfully impress a Russian girl. Listening to her attentively will help you to become a good conversation-mate, as well as may give you few hints on what she likes, which will make it much easier for you to find her the right gifts and arrange the first date properly.

Gifts and Compliments

Gifts is the inseparable part of dating in Russian culture. Regardless of whether you had your first offline date or you are still chatting online, you need to send her some gifts. It shouldn’t be something expensive and flowers work perfectly almost always. But if you have been attentive enough, then you must know what your Russian girlfriend really wants. Compliments is a must, and mind that they shouldn’t concentrate solely on her appearance. Whenever she says something smart, make her a compliment. She will appreciate it and it will signify that you are a good listener.

Be a Gentleman

Okay, enough with online dating, let’s go straight ahead with how to impress a Russian girl on a first date. Good manners remain one of the best ways to impress a girl on a first date. When it comes to Russian women you should mind that you are arranging the date, you open the door before her, you stand up when she leaves the table, and you are paying for the dinner.

Dress Properly

You know how to impress a girl on a first date, when you know that you need to dress properly. When it comes to dating Russian girls, the best way is to dress reasonably and nicely. Nobody expects you to be fashion icon, and you should act as if your clothes makes no difference to you. Still, you should wear something that suits you well. No need to wear a tuxedo, but wearing a nice shirt and jeans may really help you. Don't forget to shave properly and don't forget to use cologne.

Think Before You Speak

Russian girls don’t like when man brag about their accomplishments. Moreover, Russian girls don’t like when you talking all the time without giving a second thought to what comes out from your mouth. So, when you are on a date with a Russian girl, think before you speak.

Be Assertive

You need to be reasonably assertive in order to show her that you can handle everything, without being rude. A perfect balance is how to impress your Russian girlfriend on a first date. Show her that you can make decisions and you can take care of her, but don’t push it too far, because it may scare her off.

Don’t Demand

Forget the “rich guy saves a poor girl from her poor country” scenario. It may have worked in the early 1990s, but not now. Russian girls may live in harsh economic environment, but it doesn’t mean that they are not proud of being Russian. So, don’t demand anything and don’t act as if she owes you something.

Don’t Be Silent

Don’t talk too much, but don’t be silent. When on a first date, you should listen to the stories of your Russian girlfriend, but don’t remain silent. She may think that you have nothing to tell about yourself, which may mean that you are a boring person.

Don’t Complain

Last, but not the least, if you want to impress your Russian girlfriend, complaining about your exes is definitely not an option. It will lead her to conclusion that you are not through with you past, thus you are not ready for new relationships. It’s not hard to figure out where it’s going.