7 Traits in Men Sure to Impress Your Russian Girl

Eastern European women are hard to impress because they are used to romantic gestures and unusual surprises. The Russian dating culture has brought the ladies up in the spirit of exceptional courtship and praising a woman. Russians are powerful yet feminine women who love attention, and men who take the initiative. Here are seven tips on what attributes you should develop to win the heart of a Russian.

Good manners

Tolerant behavior is what enables Russian women to understand that they can help them achieve their dreams. But don't waste your time on superficial girls who just want your money. Treat only those ladies right, who show an equally good attitude to you.

Respect to her opinion

One of the things that Russian men lack is the understanding of how equality looks likes in a relationship. Ask her for advice, show interest in what she is doing, and share your vision of things. Even if serious relationships are not your real goal, you should still show respect for the woman you are seeing.

Determination and confidence

During a meeting, you will have to choose an activity that pleases the girl and that you will enjoy it. You must be a "leader" with the girl you are going to meet and decide what activity to do for her. If you go on a date without any plans, she will notice it and think that you do not treat her seriously. You should know where you go and what you will do there.


Girls in Russia like to feel that the guy is capable of making a decision and taking the initiative. It gives them the impression that you are confident in yourself. You should show readiness to be her support and her shoulder to lean on in times of hardships from the first date. This attribute is what most women in this country are looking for.

A clear vision of the future

It's up to you to decide if you want something serious with this girl or not, but if you aren't interested in her, do not say it. These words will reduce your chances of future meetings. So lie a little bit to get what you want. No one knows what awaits behind the corner, but you should at least pretend that you are not afraid of the dark future.

Eloquence while making compliments

Russian girls like compliments, but under certain conditions. Most of the men in Russian are cold and very stingy in compliments. This is because they are used to seeing pretty girls everywhere from birth, and they seem quite reasonable to them. Complimenting the Russian girl will help you seduce her.


In post-Soviet culture, flowers still have enormous importance in an attempt at seduction. The bigger the bouquet, the more it means to Russian women that you like them. This will show the girl that you are ready for a serious relationship, and she will open up to you more easily. If you're the type of person who doesn't want a serious relationship, do not bring the biggest bouquet. But this simple gesture will add you points in the eyes of a girl.

Any casual dating requires emotional support and quality communication. Be a good listener, and stay honest about your plans for the girl. Do what you want; it's up to you anyway. But keep in mind that it's not nice to break the heart of someone who truly believes in love with a stranger, especially when you are that stranger.