8 Sex Tips to Impress Your Russian Girl

“Is there any sex in your bedroom?” - this is the question every generation is interested in (well, they are interested more in the answer, not the question). Unfortunately, many international and local couples say “there isn’t”, which is not due to the low libido but because of the routine love affairs, which can destroy even the most passionate feelings. So, how to bring a novelty into the relationship? How to impress a Russian girl?

It seems logical that Italian passion cannot last long enough due to the routine sex, all the same positions and lack of excitement. Indeed, sexologists say that many married couples complain that passion is gradually fading away and they do not feel the excitement they used to in the beginning. And most of them are afraid that once their “family sex” on holidays will become an undesirable guest in their bed at all ... So what to recommend to couples who want to keep their passion alive for years? What to do in order to keep sex with a Russian girl bright and exciting? What should we recommend to impress a Russian girl in bed? Perhaps, only one thing: to experiment!

Let’s Return The Former Passion

1. Consumed with a kiss

A kiss is a conversation between two souls. It may be, of course, just a fleeting touch of the lips before leaving for work but this is hardly its best form... Arrange the night of kisses, and you will discover the unseen aspects of sexual relations. Caress your partner with your hands, rub one another with your bodies and... kiss! Let each kiss be special. It can be gliding, gentle and unhurried or passionate, long and deep, as if you are drinking your partner to the lees.

Do not let yourself finish with kisses too soon! Let this magical occupation take no less than an hour. Let the partner become weak from desire and if one tries to take off your clothes - do not let him or her do it. “Torture” your partner until you realize that one cannot drag on. Trust me: your partner will never forget this night!

2. The hot ice

It is one of the most innocent experiments, which will not cost you a penny. Freeze some mineral water in the ice molds. Move the cube of ice along the body of the partner during the foreplay. The chest (nipples, in particular) is the most erogenous zone. This applies not only to the beautiful half of humanity, the men’s nipples are no less sensitive than women’s ones. Move the ice cube around your partner's nipples, near the solar plexus and the inner side of one’s hips. Take another ice cube and draw some figures on his back and stomach...

NOTE: do not touch the sexual organs of your partner (and, naturally, your own) - this is inherent in colds of the reproductive system.

And for God’s sake, do not let your partner put an ice cube to the vagina - this, of course, exaggerates feelings but the short-term sexual happiness can end up in a hospital.

Looking For Extraordinary Ideas

3. Passionate accessories

People with puritanical views on sex are rare nowadays, and this is cool. As we have already mentioned, there is nothing forbidden in sex, so... We can strongly recommend visiting a sex shop. For some reason, many of us still hesitate to go to these adult stores, especially for sexy Russian women, most likely because of the values taught by parents, who grew up in USSR and “there was no sex in USSR”.

Sex shop, after all, is not only dildos of all colors and sizes, which even nowadays are items for disputes are not acceptable for some couples. Besides, sex shop has a lot of interesting related products. Here you can buy various lubricants, condoms of the most unusual shapes and with very interesting additional properties (for example, with vibration or illumination), nozzles on the penis, eatable underwear and more. Trust me, a “glowing” penis in the darkness of the night (of course, because of the use of a special condom) - is something.

How do you like the option of a love game in which a partner, leading a path from kisses to your bosom, begins to tear off pieces from those edible panties, smelling like vanilla or strawberries? There are many options. By the way, do not forget that even a joint shopping for adults can awaken your most exciting thoughts and desires.

4. Let's change the position

Of course, the advice is rather trivial, but it does not lose its relevance. Many couples are so used to those routine positions that they simply do not see themselves in a different position at the moment of coition. Your loss!

There are a lot of positions. Of course, you can take advantage of the Kama Sutra or watch a disc with porn videos but you don’t have to do the acrobatic exercises that they offer. Most of the positions can only be performed by athletes. By the way, many couples are afraid to try new positions precisely because of the fear of looking awkward in the eyes of a partner or looking too loose.

Do you know how easily you can move to a new position, and even invent an unusual position? You just need to act gradually! For example, a missionary position can be a starting point for many interesting experimental positions. First bend your knees, and then put one of the legs behind your partner. Then you can try to stand up, leaning on your elbows, or gently roll over on other side... So, the constant transformation of bodies can help you can come up with so many things that no Kama Sutra an dream about!

5. New roles

Of course, stability is good but it turns into a routine too quickly and takes away the passion. For example, you are always gentle, he does not expect from you any other behavior, and the movements gradually become automatic: he kissed here, strokes there...

And what will happen if one day in his bed he discovers not a pliable woman, whose body (each centimeter) you know perfectly well but, for example, a violent tigress, which can not only purr like a tender kitten, but also dig the nails in your back?

Of course, it's difficult to avoid stereotypical behavior and it's not so easy to do it in bed. We advise to change the look as well. For example, buy a head falsie precisely for the night of passion, do a bright make-up or even get dressed in a style, which fits your new role. The main thing is to remember that there are a lot of roles. You do not have to “play” the doctor and the patient, the teacher and student. Think: what image turns you up? Your personal desire is the guarantee that you will feel comfortable.

So who do you dream of becoming for him? You may be the Aphrodite, coming out of the sea, or the snake-woman – a bewitching and plastic one? Turn the imagination on! The same is for men. Don’t be shy – impress a Russian girl you like. Do not wait until sex with a Russian woman will become pale and boring; keep it bright from the very beginning.

6. Step on the thin ice

When you discover stereotypes and boring standards in sex, you should definitely get rid of them. Of course, doing this at home on the bed (if it is also not the first year is a testament to your love affairs) is almost impossible. Then what is the best place to impress a Russian girl sexually?

And what if you try to change the situation? Of course, this does not mean that you need to act dramatically and try to have sex in the toilet of a restaurant, although this dream is one of the most popular among men. Start small - your apartment has not only a bedroom but also a kitchen, a bathroom... If all these places are a passed stage, and are no longer impressive, the limits of your own apartment are too small and you will have look for a place outdoors for impressing a Russian girl.

The outdoors sex is a popular option. Of course, if it is quite cold outside and not everyone will find this option acceptable. An inexhaustible palette of passion can be obtained at a hotel. Get a room for the night, and indulge in pleasure, imagining that you are a newly formed couple or meet secretly. A good choice may be the apartment of a good friend or girlfriend who is unlikely to refuse you in such request. You can, of course, have sex in a car or even in a hall, if your mutual emancipation, of course, allows it. You can even try to have sex in a bathroom in the apartment of your friends during a party. Being on the thin ice is always exciting, especially when it comes to sex. Just do not forget that your passion should not spoil the mood of other guests.

7. On the wave of orgasm

One of the peculiarities of Russian women dating is the existence of partners who are very conservatively about sex. Such pairs consider the question of how to diversify sex to be a taboo. Or, if the partners are sufficiently emancipated, an even more acute situation may occur with the question “Where did you learn this?”

The easiest way out that can be recommended for those who are not going to change anything dramatically - buy a hammock or a water mattress. For brave people I would advise a sex swing. Speaking of a water mattress, this is a fairly simple solution, opening up new chapters of your couple's intimate life. Just imagine: a water mattress does not allow partners to fix motions as precisely as usual or orthopedic does. It dictates its own laws of sexual gravity, and therefore even the most usual positions will feel quite unusual and will bring you an ocean of new feelings. Get a water mattress and impress a Russian woman.

8. Exciting charades

As you know, when a man’s penis “works” - the brain refuses to think. And this is a great opportunity to experiment. For example, in the midst of sexual pleasures, offer your partner ... to play in the cities.

The meaning of this idea is to push back the peak of satisfaction. Agree to freeze at the moment of thinking about the next word. Do it in the following order: when a man thinks, he should stop frictions (you can and must continue moving), and when it's your turn to say your word, squeeze the muscles of the vagina (the man must continue to perform frictions). I assure you, the satisfaction will be fantastic. You will not only be able to increase the duration of sexual intercourse but also help you improve your memory! At the same time, after sex, there will be something to remember.