9 Splendid Gifts for a Russian Girl

Russian women are, by all means, charming so they are worth the best treatment. Unlike ladies in the West, they are far more feminine. In their view, a love relationship should be full of romance, and gifts are the proper sign of your affection. Russians often give presents not only for certain occasions but for regular dates as well.
1. Bouquet of flowers
Let’s start with the most common option. In Russia, flowers are given oftener than anything else – it’s quite cheap, simple, and fascinating. Note that every girl has her favourite sort of flowers so you’d better know what she prefers in advance. Keep in mind the number of flowers must be odd!
2. Chocolate
Fine chocolate sweets normally go in a pair with flowers. Perhaps, some girls don’t like those; however, it may work with your Russian girlfriend. Just bother to know what kind of chocolate she likes. To really amaze her, choose something exclusive.
3. Soft toy
Big plush toys are really nice and may be the best choice to touch a Russian girl’s heart. Of course, not every girl likes toys; some imagine those to be rather dust-gatherers. If you are sure she will appreciate your present – nothing more restricts you.
4. High-class perfume
For later stages of relationships with Russian girls, you can bring lavisher stuff. Perfumes seem to be the obvious choice when it comes to making your lady happy. If you decided to surprise her with such a gift, take something really luxurious. Fakes are a huge disrespect.
5. Unusual date
Not that so-called “conventional” date scenarios are bad. Yet sometimes, it’s necessary to open your mind and bring new ideas to your love life. Take your Russian girlfriend’s interests into account and plan everything to mesmerize her. 6. Stylish accessory
Russian women are gifted by nature – their beauty enchants men all around the world. Yet they wish to emphasize their appearance with appropriate outfits, accessories, and cosmetics. As giving clothes may be too much for the beginning, start with a purse, scarf, or a pair of glows.
7. Clothing
Once you two have got to know each other well enough, it’s completely ok to go shopping jointly. And this is the time you can present her some outfit. Actually, you can pick something by your own – yet we don’t recommend you doing so if only you’re not a professional stylist. Each girl prefers different brands, fabrics, and fashions.
8. Jewelry
If your relationship progresses, you can treat your Russian girl with something even more opulent. Well, to give jewelry, you’ll need rather a special occasion. Some girls may not accept overly expensive presents without any good reason. Again, try to find out what exactly she likes and pick the items carefully.
9. Romantic trip
Like any other people, Russian ladies adore travelling. Due to economic problems in their country, most of them go abroad pretty rarely. So if you wish to delight your friend, you can organize a joint trip to a place she dreams to visit.