How to Make Your Conversation with a Russian Girl Perfect

Russian dating came in vogue few years before the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Western men wanted to know what women behind the Iron Curtain were like, and as the USSR was mainly associated with Russia, Russian girls became the centre of attention. The very first form of international dating industry required mail exchange and a huge number of translators, but things got much easier with the arrival of the internet. Nowadays, with the vast array of dating services (like Yes Dates) offering Russian girls for dating the acquaintances are done via chat. That's why it is crucial to know how to have a great conversation with a Russian girl, both online and offline.

What to talk about with a Russian girl online

As you acquaintance is more likely to happen online, you need to know how to impress your prospective Russian girl while chatting. First of all, forget about demanding and telling her how your relationships will look like. While it may sound funny, but a lot of men starts online conversations by giving a list of rules that girl must follow if she marries him right after saying “hello”. While you may have heard a lot about Russian girls' traditional values and how obedient they are, 'terms and conditions' of life with you is not one of those great conversation topics.

If you're about to start dating a Russian woman, you need to get ready for “give and take” form of conversation. And the best way to prepare yourself is to start from the online conversations on one of those dating site that offer Russian women for dating. While Russian girls may be obedient it absolutely doesn't mean that you can treat her without respect. You mustn't talk solely about yourself, you need to ask her some questions. Tell her about your past and ask her about hers. Tell her about the funniest moments in your life and ask her about hers. Also, you have more chances to win her heart if you have certain knowledge about Russian history and culture. Ask her something about Russian culture as well or ask her what she knows about culture of your country.

What to talk about with a Russian girl offline

Now let's imagine that your online dating a Russian girl went alright, and you're taking your relationships offline. Thus you need to learn first date conversation topics.

Discuss what she's passionate about

Talking about what she likes is one of the best first date conversation starters. You definitely know what she likes, because you've spent sometime chatting online. It can be her job, her studying, or anything else. This can lead to new topics to discuss.

Discuss yours and hers dreams

One of the best date conversation topics is your dreams. Discussing your dreams you may start figuring out your further plans. Moreover, when she reveals her dreams to you, you get the information you need in order to present her with something she really likes.

Personal anecdotes and funny moments

Russian girls like men with good sense of humour, so discussing some personal funny moments may build a better emotional connection between the two of you. But avoid flat jokes, as Russian girls can't stand them.

What not to talk about on the first date

Besides knowing what to talk about on the first date, knowing what not to discuss can be also crucial, as you don't want your first date to be your last one. The very first taboo topic is discussing your exes, as she may assume that you can't get over your past problems. The second taboo topic is discussing other girls, as when you discuss one girl with someone, it is most likely that you can discuss your prospective girlfriend too.