How to Impress a Russian Girl in the Gym

As you might know, Russian girls are stunningly beautiful. Moreover, they have numerous merits and wish to make their partners happy. Likewise, they do everything to get even better! Being fit isn’t just a trend – this is the way to be healthy and attractive. Contemporary Russian ladies are active gym goers so you can easily meet an amazing chick there.
Set you schedule
Before you actually start your wooing, you should make contact. If there is a girl you’d like to get to know better, try to synchronize your training schedules first. By seeing each other from time to time, you establish kind of pre-connection. Don’t just exercise: do little things to make her notice you. For example, have “unintentional” eye contacts or smile at her. After 4-5 sessions like that, it’s totally ok to say “hi”. And she will probably answer you!
Get to talking
Now, you should promote the acquaintance. In our view, the easiest way to do so is to pay compliments. Consider only to choose your words wisely. Though her training suit leaves a little space to your imagination, don’t comment her body – or she will take you as a creepy dude. Say something nice about her outfit or performance instead. Once the contact’s established, you can switch to other subjects related both to her and to sports (as you’re still in the gym and don’t know each other well enough). Don’t aim to cover everything at once – make those interactions regular and tackle something new every time.
Train together
It has been scientifically proven that joint physical activity brings people closer. First, side-by-side exercising gives you more topics to discuss – like muscle soreness, weightlifting etc. As you remember, communication is the key factor of matchmaking. Second, your bodies produce certain hormones that change your mental activity. Thus, the “chemistry” between the two of you really boosts! Finally, you can demonstrate your manliness by helping a girl with some machines. Russian women adore initiative and strong guys!
Look your best
Physical attractiveness is worth nothing without proper hygiene. Of course, becoming sweaty during a workout is normal. But you should control the smell. Always use deodorants before and after so your romantic interest won’t need to keep distance. In addition, make sure you wear a fresh and clean outfit every time – wash it a day prior to the gym. Last but not least, your sneakers also must be in a perfect condition. Russian girls generally pay huge attention to men’s boots.
Don’t be overly intrusive
To conquer a Russian lady’s heart, you need to combine various communicative techniques. Moreover, know when to take a step back. It’s a bad idea to fiddle around her like all the time or, what’s even worse, interrupt her training session with your talks. She will just get annoyed and start avoiding your company. Yes, communicating every time you see each other is valuable, yet it must fit the situation.