How to Impress a Russian Girl on Chat

Online dating is among the most powerful contemporary trends. Nowadays, you don’t have to leave your room to meet a perfect girl: millions of sites are at your disposal. Russian girls become more and more popular in the West – they combine so many desirable traits that guys get to thinking about marriage with a Russian lady. From this article, you will know how to charm such a girl via the Internet.
1. Mind your profile
That’s what your entire acquaintance starts with so you need a recent and attractive photo of you (free of any touch ups) as well as a proper self-description, honest and simple.
2. Get open-minded
International online dating means you should become flexible and welcoming. Prepare for challenges and new unexpected things to discover.
3. Demonstrate your interest
The most proper way to pick up a girl is to take an interest in her. With Russians, it works by all means. Your communication should be meaningful and valuable. Become a listener to know more about her.
4. Keep it light
Don’t tackle serious topics all the time – add some humour when you feel it right. Ideally, you should use various communicative techniques and switch the mood of your conversations.
5. Remember about compliments
Surely, we couldn’t forget about this trick. A woman falls in love with her ears first. So remember to say little pleasant things about her personal achievements, merits, and beauty.
6. Be a gentleman
Whatever feminist propaganda says, chivalry isn’t dead. In the case with Russian ladies, it becomes even more obvious as they expect guys to court them. Even online, you can demonstrate your good manners.
7. Appreciate her culture
Like any other nation, Russians highly value their culture. That’s why your foreign mate will be proud to tell you more about it. Don’t forget to ask her about Russia sometimes.
8. Show your sincerity
Russians are actually famous for this merit. No wonder they like people without masks. There’s no need to pretend you’re someone else – learn to accept who you are and just work on your weak points.
9. Address her by name
This is one of the greatest psychological techniques to draw her attention to your person. Calling a woman by name, you subtly shorten the distance between you two.
10. Prove your intelligence
Brainy men are always sexy, believe us. In particular, Russian girls are known for their high intellect – and they seek partners with similar mind capabilities.
11. Get self-confident
Women, especially, Russian women, don’t like timid or shy men. They’re rather into those who can make the first step in relationships and also be initiative and supportive.
12. Don’t be assertive
If she doesn’t want to share some personal data or discuss too intimate things, respect this. The Internet isn’t really the safest place and two people need time to get closer.
13. Share your mind
Don’t just ask questions; tell her about your life as well so your interest will get mutual. React to what she says: give your opinions and advice.