How to Impress a Russian Girl

Slavic ladies enchant men from around the world, and Russian girls are extremely popular in the West. There are obviously many good reasons: Russians are feminine, beautiful, caring, and willing to have a big family. Thousands of westerners dream about meeting such a woman for love and marriage. So today, we’d like to provide you with a quick guide on how to conquer a Russian woman’s heart. Just keep reading!
Know how to introduce yourself
No matter whether you meet a potential Russian mate online or live, you should understand to what she pays her attention first. These ladies support the “traditional” view of relationships where a man is a leader and protector. So to attract such a girl, you need to demonstrate your manliness, as well as the strongest points of your personality. Don’t forget to present your life views and goals.
Let her feel you’re interested
Women from all over the globe need male attention. Russian women need it even more – they wish to know you love and value them above all. Not that they’re ego-centric, this is just how their nature works. Talk more to your Russian friend: ask follow-up questions, get to know her family and friends (this really matters to her), and show your appreciation of her native culture.
Show how initiative you can be
Dating someone online isn’t so different from live dating. Russian ladies like men who take the first steps in relationships. Even if a girl likes you, she will barely express it directly. Most likely, she’ll drop many hints to make you ask her out. Help your Russian mate feel comfortable around you: suggest topics to discuss, get open for new ideas, ask her opinion, and don’t hesitate to see her in person when your connection becomes strong.
Prove yourself as a loyal partner
If you don’t feel ready for serious relationships, dating a Russian girl may be not the best solution to promote your love life. You see, those women are family-oriented, most of them get married in their 20s. Thus, every Russian lady tries to define whether a guy she meets is capable of making a good husband and father or not. And if you are sure long-term relationships are your goal, show your quality to a Russian woman.
Confess your feelings
Russian girls expect their partners to treat them as jewels. On the other hand, they also wish to give that treatment back – an ideal relationship is based on the mutual emotional bond, respect, compassion, and support. There’s no need to hide your affection when you woo a Russian lady: pay her compliments, tell how much she matters to you, and do nice things to express what you feel.
Give her gifts
This is yet another way to show a Russian girl you’re really into her. Unlike women in the West, Russian ladies are concerned about what their man gives to them. Don’t take it wrong – it’s not about gold-digging, it’s just about how to make a woman of your dream happy. In fact, a simple bouquet of flowers is enough to impress your prospective partner.