Impressing your Russian girlfriend: tips and advice

“How to impress a girl?” the question that can stupefy any guy. And if your target is a Russian girl, this question can often kill your interest in dating Russian women completely. But, things can be a lot simpler than they seem at the first sight.

You dream about dating Russian girls, but knowing just a little about their country and culture doesn't give you much confidence that you impress and conquer her.

First thing you must learn is how to make a good first impression on a Russian girl. Western men linger to Russian women, mainly because of dissatisfaction with western women, who are emancipated and career-oriented. Russian women, on a contrary, are more obedient and family-oriented. As Russian men are unable to satisfy their women' needs, Russian ladies eagerly engage in relationships with foreigners.

The best way to make a good impression on her is to be the complete antithesis to what Russian man is.

You may start impressing a Russian girl with being dressed nicely. Russian men pay no attention to their clothes and the way they look. So, being well dressed can be your first step in impressing your Russian girl. But, don't push too hard on it. Your clothes must be something reasonably fashionable, not something over-the-top.

You can impress a girl with being reasonably assertive. Russian women like when men make decisions. But, when Russian men are getting the chance to take control over something, they become too aggressive, which gives an impression that in reality the control nothing. You should keep a good balance in your assertiveness. When your relationship has just began and you're arranging your first date, you should pick the place and then invite her.

Being a gentleman is one of those things that can impress almost every girl. While you may think that Russian men are all well-mannered, the years of Russian chivalry are long gone. That's why you should pay for the dinner, you should pull the chair for her, stand up when she's leaving the table, and open the door in front of her.

Another trick to impress your Russian girlfriend is being nice and compassionate. Russian men are mainly rough, so being attentive to her can really help you stand out. But, again keep the good balance. Otherwise, she may think that you're a softie.

You would also impress her if you'll show your complete independence from anything. Russian girls can't stand mama's boys or guys who are two dependent on what they friends or colleagues think. Each Russian woman wants to be #1 for her man, thus you can't impress her if your relatives' or your friends' thought would be always more important to you, than what your girl thinks. While you may think that it contradicts Russian men being rough, but mama's boys are widespread in Russia. Only a man who takes care for himself and makes his own decision can truly conquer a Russian girl.

Last, but not the least, buy her some flowers or make her some pleasant gift, be it a pack of sweets or soft toy.